What Is Urodynamics?

Urodynamics is a test that assesses the function of your bladder and urethra.

Why Should I Have This Test?

Urodynamics allows us to fully understand what is causing your lower urinary tract symptoms. There are four key functions to the urinary outflow system. These include:

  1. The bladder as a pump
  2. The bladder as a storage site
  3. The urethra as an open pipe
  4. The sphincter as a continence mechanism

Any or all of these separate components could be causing your symptoms. Urodynamics allows us to assess each of these functions and tailor your treatment to whichever aspect is causing the problem.

What Is Involved?

A small catheter is placed in the bladder via the urethra and another very small catheter is placed in the rectum. These catheters are then hooked up to a computer that can read the pressures of the bladder, urethra and abdomen. The bladder is filled with a radiopaque contrast which allows us to see, via x-ray, exactly what is happening with your lower urinary tract. You then pass urine in a special “flow toilet” which allows us to analyse the actual passing of urine and the pressures involved with that aspect.

What About Afterwards?

We are able to explain the results immediately and structure a treatment plan straight away.

Will I Be Off Work For Long?

No, in almost all instances, you will be able to resume all your normal activities immediately.

Is There An Alternative?

Some patients may wish just to start treatment initially with a diagnosis based off your symptoms and an examination.