Urethral Stricture Disease

What Is A Urethral Stricture?

Your urethra is the tube in which your urine comes out. Occasionally scar tissue can form within this tube. This scar tissue can narrow the calibre of the tube or block it off entirely.

Does It Need Treatment?

Only if it causes you trouble.

What Causes It?

Whilst traditionally it was caused primarily by sexually transmitted diseases, now it is almost always caused by trauma or after instrumentation or the passage of stone causing abrasions.

What Can Be Done?

Simply disrupting the stricture can sometimes be enough. In the bulbar urethra approximately 50% of strictures can be cured with a dilatation, which can be done as a day procedure with no external cuts or scars.

What About The Other 50%?

A formal urethroplasty is often needed. For short strictures a non-transecting urethroplasty can be performed, however for longer strictures, a graft of tissue is taken from the inside of your cheek to repair it.