Active Surveillance – Prostate Cancer

What Is Active Surveillance?

Active surveillance is close monitoring of prostate cancer without immediate treatment. The goals are to either delay or avoid radical treatment of prostate cancer, WITHOUT missing the window to cure should the need arise.

It sounds strange to not treat prostate cancer…

A low grade, low volume prostate cancer can often cause no troubles in your lifetime. Prostate cancer is more and more common as men get older. More men with prostate cancer die due to another cause than the prostate cancer.

Why Not Just Treat It Anyway?

All forms of treatment come with some side effects. This can range from common things such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction for surgical treatments or difficulty passing urine and haematuria for radiation-based treatments. Delaying the onset of these symptoms by postponing the treatment can also be worthwhile.

Is It Safe?

If the prostate cancer remains low volume, low grade it is very safe.

How Do I Make Sure My Cancer Is Not Getting Worse?

Very close follow up. We have a strict surveillance protocol which involves regular PSA testing, regular biopsies and MRI imaging combined with physical examinations. Close follow up will allow us to catch any changes early on and embark on curative treatment if required.